Karol Parra – P.S./I.S. 127Q (Qns)

Karol Parra – P.S./I.S. 127Q (Qns)

National School Counseling Week 2020

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What is your favorite quote and why?

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall because out of every fall comes opportunities, room for self growth and motivation to continue to become a better individual.

This is my favorite quote because it provides others and myself with a sense of perseverance, hope, and motivation. It tells us to improve on ourselves and not to give up on ourselves and our goals. I always tell my students that its okay to make mistakes because out of those mistakes we learn, grow and continue to work on becoming better individuals. It allows us to think about what went wrong, how can I prevent this from happening again, and what have I learned from this?

What are the most rewarding parts of your job?
The most rewarding parts of my job are working side by side with students and other stakeholders to assist students in reaching their full potential and being successful.

Years Counseling:  9

School Address:

98-01 25TH Avenue Queens 11369


Electoral District Information

Election/Assembly District 053/35
Judicial District 11
Congressional District 14
Senatorial District 13
Council District 21
Municipal Court District 02
Assembly District 35


7 thoughts on “Karol Parra – P.S./I.S. 127Q (Qns)

  1. Miriam Vasquez

    You are the best!

  2. Graciela Calle

    You are the pride of our family!

  3. James Jantrarit

    Your love and your care for the children are unmeasurable !
    They are so lucky to have you !

  4. Louie

    Your quantified successes can be attributed to your everdays tasks that you undertake with your kids and their families. perseverance, dedication and wholeheartedly aiding them in life changing decisions at such a tender age is your forte. Congratulations on your achievements.

  5. Flavio Calle

    On behalf of all you’re colleagues, friends and family. Congratulations on your nomination. You’re achievements are a source of pride and inspiration to all of us. I am happy to know that so many others appreciate your outstanding work as much as I do, and to learn that your outstanding efforts have been recognized by you’re peers. Your willingness to go above and beyond is well known to all of us, and clearly the word has spread.

  6. L. Vazquez

    I admire Mrs. Parra’s devotion, love, and care for the children of her school

  7. Jennifer Pena

    I believe with all my heart that Ms. Parra is the best at what she does, the love and passion for her job shows through the students she works with at P.S./I.S.127Q. We are blessed to have her in our school, Thank you for always giving your all as our Guidance Counselor Ms. Parra.

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