WeIntervene’s 5th Annual Celebration of School Counselors in NYC

Our counselors need your support and appreciation no amount too small, no encouragement forgotten

Support with words

Words of affirmation are great

We have an appreciation campaign. We take your words and compile them. At the end of the campaign we will return them to the school counselor as a book of encouragement. Please submit your comments under the school counselor of your choice. Your comments will be shared on the site with your permission.

Donate Money

We believe in showing our appreciation with a monetary reward.

Often, counselors pay out of pocket for resources for their students. This award is meant to put some money back into their pockets towards a gift of their choice. Your donation also supports our celebratory event in February 2020. Thank you!

Support our work

We advocate and appreciate school counselors

We hold celebratory events and workshops to empower, connect, and encourage counselors. Your contribution goes a long way to support our programs.

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